How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Week On Keto? The Fact You Must Know

Everyone comes to the keto diet for weight loss with many different purposes, but perhaps the common goal is to improve health and fitness.

Including a case like myself, the chance that I accidentally stopped looking for the keto diet was 3 years ago, when there were only 3 weeks left until my best friend’s wedding, and I needed to reduce the evening.

At least 3kg to fit the dress that my boyfriend gave me. I started looking for a way to lose weight fast, and many documents indicate that if you need to lose some weight in a short time, try the keto diet.

If you’re curious about “How much weight can I lose in a week on keto?”, you are at the right place. Today I will tell you what may happen in your body during the very first week based on my actual experience.

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How much weight can you lose in a week on keto?

The amount of weight one can lose in a week on keto will depend on how bad of shape one are already in and how many pounds one wishes to lose.

For instance, someone who is morbidly obese but very active may be capable of losing 10 lbs/week by sticking to keto, while someone just moderately overweight (or missing any exercise) will only see 5-6lb/week max.

And this doesn’t even take into account how much water weight is lost during that first week due to sodium excretion or how the keto-adaptation period plays into it.

There are 3 stages you will go through when adopting a ketogenic diet. Each stage, the weight you lose each week will be different.

  • Fast weight loss: In the first week, you can lose 2 – 10 pounds. This is the stage of rapid weight loss due to dehydration.
  • Steady weight loss: This is a short-term phase where you will lose 1-2 pounds per week.
  • Slow weight loss: This is a long-term phase; you will have a few weeks of no loss followed by 3 – 4 pounds of weight loss. Just make sure you’re in ketosis mode.

How I lost 2kg in 1 week and a total of 7kg in 1 month with keto

Here is how much weight I lost in the first 10 days of keto:

  • First week

2 kg. This is due to dehydration caused by low carbohydrate intake and sodium loss from excretion. I was shocked how quickly my body released water as soon as it knew there were no snacks or sodas at hand.

  • Second week

Another 3,5 kg. I started exercising with Zumba dance (30 min/day). With keto-adaptation, I was no longer dehydrated, and my body could burn fat more efficiently. 

  • Third week

1kg. In the third week of keto, it’s very easy for me to lose weight without even trying.

  • Fourth week

0,5 kg. In the fourth week of keto, I started adding more potatoes and rice because, as you know from my article, how many carbs should you eat on keto? I didn’t mean to do that, which caused a temporary weight gain but was not significant.

I am completely satisfied with this result. And the key to getting there was that I soon found out for myself a keto plan to stick to that helped me achieve my goals in the amount of time I wanted.

I understand that although there are many shared keto diet plans online, there is no one size fit at all. You must find your own keto plan that’s suitable for your schedule.

Source: KetoLogic

There are many different types of ketogenic diets out there, but none will work for everyone. Some people need to cut calories more than others, while some need to increase their fat intake.

I use this keto plan calculator to figure out the perfect plan that I stick with it.

You can click here to receive the exact number of calories, macronutrients (protein/carbs/fats), and micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) based on your height, weight, age, sex, and activity level.

Your daily schedule will also be factored into this equation, so don’t worry if you have a busy lifestyle.

Which factors determine if you will lose weight quickly or slowly with keto?

First, how healthy you are. If you consume a lot of junk food for many years and don’t exercise regularly, your body will put up a big fight when you say that the diet begins today.

For example, if at any time in the past 6 months you have eaten at McDonald’s twice per week without fail or drunk 5 cans of soda per day, your success on keto is going to be extremely slow.

Second, how much weight you wish to lose. If you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, it will not happen without any significant changes in how many calories you consume each day and how often you exercise.

Third, how healthy your diet is. One fully keto-adapted person may lose weight very slowly, while another person might see more significant losses.

Fourth, how much exercise you’re doing each week. For example, if you jog for 30 minutes every other day at a slow pace, then you can’t lose more than 3 pounds in a week.

But if you train with some serious strength training 2x/week for an hour or so, your body will be forced to lose weight no matter how much fat it carries.

Lastly, how fast you are keto-adapted. If your body is already efficient at burning ketones and doesn’t need much glucose, you won’t lose weight quickly.

So if you are in an unhealthy state, how much weight you wish to lose, and how long will it take for keto-adaptation, your progress is going to be different from how I experienced.

As an example: My best friend lost 3kg in the first week of keto. It’s very easy for her because she eats well (non-processed food) and doesn’t miss exercise.

I, on the other hand, am an unhealthy person. I have eaten a lot of junk food for many years and ate fast food two times per week without fail (McDonald’s).

My weight loss is always very slow when I try to eat healthily or control my calories as much as possible. When I began keto, I didn’t exercise at all. 

Fast-adapted to keto and how independent your weight loss is on ketosis

“Fat adapted” a.k.a keto-adapted, means that your body uses fats to produce energy instead of carbohydrates.

Explains how to determine how fast you adapted to keto and how independent your weight loss is on ketosis.

Source: LevelUSA

Particular fat adaptation period:

✅ The more overweight you are, the longer it takes for ketones production to kick in.

✅ If your diet was unhealthy before keto, it’s going to take time for your body to recover.

✅ If you are exercising a lot before keto, your body is going to need some time (possibly even several weeks) for the recovery process as well.

✅ How fast you will lose weight after how many days of keto depends on how much you exercise each week and how healthy your food choices are.

If you eat fast food every day, how much you will lose after how many days of keto will be lower than how much you will lose from someone who eats healthy and doesn’t snack.

✅ If you are a person used to eating a lot (and then I don’t mean 3 large meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner), your weight loss is going to be slower until your body burns all the excess fat it carried.

Why do so many people say they lost a lot in the first week on keto?

Individuals will have their own degree of how many pounds they will lose on a keto diet and how fast it happens.

The most common response is rapid weight loss in the first 1-2 weeks because that’s primarily from water weight, so not much permanent change.

After the initial start period, how quickly people lose weight depends on how healthy they eat and their adherence to remaining keto-friendly for the long term, and how overweight they are at baseline.

Any results in the first week, it’s your fast water weight loss

You lose a lot in the first few days of keto because your body is still filling the depleted glycogen storage. And since water can’t be stored in the same way as carbs, your body releases some extra water in your urine or sweat.

Depending on your size and how much water weight you’re carrying, this weight loss can vary.

For example, how much weight you lose in the first week of keto depends on how many pounds you weigh.

So if you’re a petite person with 50 kilos and the water weight you’re carrying is 10%, how much weight will you lose in 1st week of keto? Yes, 5kg!

3 key advice for you to succeed with keto faster

Three key advice for you to succeed with keto faster:

1. Drink plenty of water

Once you’ve cut out the carbs, your body will dump a lot of excess water weight to maintain its normal electrolyte levels.

So if you drink more water, it helps to flush this excess weight out quickly. (But be careful how much salt you put into your food – don’t add more than you need!)

2. Follow your own custom diet plan

It’s hard to reach your weight loss goals without a specific eating plan. I can’t express how happy I was when I found this tool. It helped me a lot in shaping a keto meal plan to fit my interests and busy lifestyle. You can check it here!

3. Exercise

Incorporate some regular exercise into your daily routine, such as walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes every other day.

If you are physically active, chances are your body will begin to burn its fat stores, and the keto-adaptation process will happen quicker.

Make sure not to overdo it, though. If you’re pushing yourself too hard and end up severely sore or exhausted, your body will not respond well to the diet. Listen to how your body feels; don’t exercise through pain.

Final thoughts

In general, the average person will experience some fast water weight loss the first 7-10 days and then slowly progress for another 2 weeks. It’s possible to say 2-10 pounds is the ideal amount of weight you can lose in the first 1 week.

I hope this article has helped you understand how the amount of weight you can lose depends on your body type and other factors like eating style, age, or gender.

And a customized keto weight loss plan can help you achieve any goal. Hope you will have great experiences in your keto weight loss journey.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and we will talk soon!

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