Is Muscle Milk Keto Friendly? Nutrition Facts & How To Use It ight on keto

Muscle Milk is a popular drink for people to consume after working out, and those on the keto diet also take it.

It supplies the body with an optimal ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. It also contains electrolytes that aid in muscle recovery.

However, many people are unaware that not all types of Muscle Milk are keto-friendly, and some can be full of sugar or other carbs.

In this article, we will explore if Muscle Milk is keto friendly. We’ll go over the ingredients, net carbs and give you a list of keto-friendly low-carb protein muscle milk alternatives to consider. 

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Is Muscle Milk Keto Friendly?

Yes, if you buy the zero-sugar version. Muscle milk is a great way to add muscle-building protein and calories while on the keto diet.

There are some downsides because many of the different varieties also contain many carbs, making them not ideal for those following this particular type of diet plan.


It is very healthy for those following a ketogenic diet, but it is not advised that you consume large amounts of protein powder daily, as is mentioned in this article by doctor Dominic D’Agostino which explains why exogenous protein is not ideal[1]: .

“Exogenous amino acids are absorbed very rapidly and have a profound effect on net muscle protein balance, with the potential to stimulate muscle anabolism. However, the rapid increase in plasma amino acids is also associated with negative feedback from the liver and muscle. The resulting decrease in hepatic production of IGF-1 is one reason why amino acid supplementation is considered to be less anabolic than food intake.”

You mustn’t consume these products excessively or use them as meal replacements but rather as something for special occasions only.

So you can drink Muscle Milk as long as your carb intake is less than 50g per day.

What Is Muscle Milk? And How Do I Use It?

Muscle Milk is a drink mix that comes in protein powder form. It is used after working out to build muscle, replenish energy levels, and be taken by those on the keto diet.

When designing your Post Workout Meal, you should aim for 20-30 grams of high-quality protein from either eggs or lean meat and supplement with a product like Muscle Milk, which is conveniently available in stores, online, and at your local gym.

Muscle Milk is not quite the same as protein powder. It is more like a low-carb protein shake with added vitamins.

There are 3 popular flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, as well as several other products containing different types of proteins.

There is also an unflavored version as well as Muscle Milk Plus Protein Powder for those who want the convenience of mixing it with water.

Here is important to point out that you should wait 30 minutes after working out because your body is in recovery mode, so it cannot build muscle at this time and is focused on rebuilding the structural integrity of the muscles.

After 30 minutes, glycogen levels are replenished, and your energy levels are raised, thus putting you in a condition where it is optimal to rebuild muscle.

Ingredients And Notes

Muscle milk is a low-carb protein shake or powder that is meant to be mixed with water or milk and is rich in amino acids, without much lactose and sugar.

Muscle Milk is made from skim milk, soybean oil, fructose from fruit juice concentrates, electrolytes (potassium chloride and calcium carbonate), natural flavors, Vitamin A palmitate (source of vitamin “A”), riboflavin (source of vitamin “B”2), potassium phosphate monobasic monohydrate & dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate (a source of vitamin E).

It is important to note that you should read the label before buying Muscle Milk because it is often packaged with fat and carbohydrates.

A difference between 1g of carbohydrate or 2.5g of carbohydrates is important when staying keto-friendly and in ketosis.

The problem is that there is so much sugar in muscle milk, even the zero-carb version, it is better to use it occasionally and not as part of your daily diet (the same goes for protein powders).

Muscle Milk is also advertised as having 24g protein per serving, but it only has 10g when you mix it in half a cup of water or milk with 1/2 cup muscle milk powder is just 5.8 grams of carbohydrates (instead of the advertised 2.5).

There is still a lot of sugar in muscle milk, but let’s not forget that it is better to have some than no protein at all.

I don’t like drinking Muscle Milk or using protein powders in my keto diet because I would rather eat real food and not use substitutes to get the nutrients I need.

But if you are going to drink, it is still better than many other drinks on the market, so it is considered a healthy beverage alternative.

Because as long as you don’t consume too much sugar, it is not high in fat or carbohydrates and does not contain gluten – it is keto-friendly.

How Many Calories Are In A Serving Of Muscle Milk?

As is the case with most protein powder, you should think of it as a treat and not a meal replacement. However, since this is low-carb muscle milk, try to drink one or two servings in an entire day.

2oz is 1 serving, so ideally, you want to get at least 2 servings per day for your Post Workout Meal, if not more.

If you are adding sugar-free chocolate mix-ins into the mix, be mindful that this is extra sugar and will push you out of ketosis while also slowing down weight loss by elevating blood glucose levels. 

A serving is 2oz which is 104 calories. This is similar to any protein powder that you may be consuming on your keto diet.

It is also important to point out that this is not just a low-carb muscle milk alternative but rather these products can contain carbs and sugar as well.

If you are in the keto diet, you should be wary of this and check the nutrition label or contact customer service. Opt for the unflavored version, or a sugar-free chocolate flavor is possible if you want something with taste.

Here is a table with nutritional information for one serving (2oz):

  •      Fat: 0g
  •      Total Carb: 2g
  •      Sugar: 1g
  •      Protein: 24g

The other ingredients are soy lecithin emulsifier, medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil, and natural & artificial flavors. All of the ingredients in the protein are what is known as a ketogenic diet food & it is good for you.

Should I Take Protein Powder Instead Of Drinking Muscle Milk In The Keto Diet?

I believe Muscle Milk is a healthy low-carb beverage and is not to be compared with cheap protein powders.

If you are looking for something special and nutritionally high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and fats, then muscle milk is definitely the better choice compared to most other protein powders on the market.


Will Muscle Milk kick you out of ketosis?

No, it is actually the perfect keto-friendly meal or snack alternative. The ingredient list is minimal and free of certain ingredients that may cause some people to feel sluggish when following a ketogenic diet.

Protein is a type of macro-nutrient that can help you build lean muscle, but too much protein may kick you out of ketosis. 

For those looking for muscle gain while staying on the ketogenic diet, you would need to be drinking a lot of this wonder drink as well as getting enough protein in your diet from other sources to help build your muscles at the same time – but again, keep an eye for hidden sugars and carbs so you can remain in ketosis.

How many net carbs are in Muscle Milk?

The carbs in Muscle Milk are about 7 to 9 grams of net carbs per scoop.

How many calories are in a bottle of Muscle Milk?

According to the Muscle Milk website, a bottle of Muscle Milk is 120 calories or 8g net carbs.

A glass is 250ml or 12-16g net carbs.

However, if you follow the ketogenic diet and want a low-carb option, you may want to consider one of the best keto shakes: only 3 – 5 grams net carbs!

Otherwise, these protein shakes that range from 20 – 30 grams of protein is a great way to increase the protein in your keto diet. And it is really low carb to have more carbs from other foods in your keto diet.

Does Muscle Milk actually work?

Muscle Milk is keto-friendly when you buy the right kind. Regular Muscle Milk comes with high sugar content and is not keto diet-friendly, if you want to drink muscle milk on the ketogenic diet, my recommendation is that you order this Sugar Free Dairy and Nutritional Shake instead.

What are the benefits of drinking muscle milk?

Here are some benefits of drinking muscle milk!

Improves Protein Intake: It is a quick and easy way to hit your recommended protein targets without spending more time preparing.

Grass-Fed: The high-quality proteins in Muscle Milk come from 100% grass-fed, non-GMO cows. Unlike other dairy products, Muscle Milk is free of pesticides and antibiotics.

Mixes Well: Don’t have a blender handy? No problem! Add 2 oz of liquid for every 1/2 scoop of powder in your shaker or bottled water, blend with the lid off for 15 seconds, and shake it up!

Tastes Great: That’s right, it is great tasting and is a convenient way to hit your daily protein goals. If you are always on the go or a student, you must admit that this is more convenient than cooking and eating a real meal.

Fulfills Dietary Requirements: The protein is nutrient-dense and is formulated to help you achieve your daily goals. Whether you are a high-performance athlete or on a keto diet and are focused on protein intake, muscle milk is ideal.

Can kids drink muscle milk?

Can kids drink muscle milk? That is one of the most common questions we get.

Muscle Milk is for adults, by definition, and we recommend that children do not consume it as it is concentrated protein and should only be consumed by those in need.


“Is muscle milk keto-friendly” is a question that is often asked. The answer is yes, so don’t be afraid to use it on your journey to the ultimate physique!

I recommend using Muscle Milk as an additive to your keto smoothie or other recipes you might make from scratch.

The ketogenic diet is known to make you lose weight fast, but it can be challenging to maintain when you’re trying to stay active too.

Muscle milk can help fill the gaps of the nutrients your body needs while following this restrictive diet plan, so you don’t feel drained or discouraged with your progress.

And remember to always check the nutrition label before buying any product as some versions may not be suitable for all diets. It’s essential to read the nutrition label and choose sugar-free, low-carb varieties of Muscle Milk.


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